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As you can see, the best strategy is to apply to multiple universities in different countries to increase your chances of getting scholarships (“bourses”).

When to start?

Moroccans in these levels:

Should already start preparing for universities in the USA, Canada and Europe.

The sooner you start preparing, the higher your chances of getting accepted in good universities with generous scholarships (“bourses”).

These universities are normally expensive, but reduce their price depending on the quality of the application (“dossier”).

📮 Application

The application (dossier) you send universities depends on the country and university you’re applying to, but generally this is what you should expect:

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No matter your level, these are the steps to follow:

These are the steps for each level:

🇲🇦🇫🇷 Collège

🇲🇦TC (🇫🇷Seconde)

🇲🇦1è BAC (🇫🇷Première)

🇲🇦2è BAC (🇫🇷Terminale)

Just finished 2è BAC

It depends on your budget. Contact us.

👨‍🏫 Stairway

We’ve been helping Moroccan students for years. We know what universities like to see in the applications. We present to you different opportunities in different countries and help you prepare everything.

Join our classes and let us take care of your application by giving you the right classes at the right time:

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The Stairway classes are online, on Zoom.

Our tutors (teachers) are Moroccans who have successfully studied abroad in English-speaking universities, so most of us still live abroad, and will teach you everything you need to know on Zoom.

Who better to guide you than Moroccans who have achieved exactly what you want to achieve?

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